Preparing for A Showing

The best advice I can offer to keep your home show ready, is to pick up daily, and do a little cleaning each day, so that show days are not a huge problem that require hours of prep time.

To prepare your home for a showing, here’s a little - TO DO CHECKLIST:

  • Make sure the home entryway is tidy and inviting.
  • Make sure that your driveway and garage are tidy and clean.
  • Lawn is freshly mowed.
  • Cupboards and doors should be latched properly.
  • Pick up and store personal affects.
  • Wipe furnace.

  • Clean floors and empty garbage containers.
  • Put out the fresh, clean towels which you keep for showings.
  • Clean mirrors, taps and fixtures.
  • Clean cabinets and cupboards.
  • Make sure that countertops are cleared of any personal care items.

  • Do dishes and/or empty dishwasher.
  • Empty kitchen garbage container.
  • Clean all kitchen appliances.
  • Polish sinks and taps.
  • Make sure that the cabinets and cupboards are clean and tidy.
  • Store under counters, small kitchen appliances such as toasters.

Creating a Buyer Friendly Atmosphere
  • Turn on all lights & replace burnt out lightbulbs.
  • Air conditioning unit should be used during warm weather.
  • Light Fireplace during cold weather.
  • Clear stairs and hallways.
  • Play background music quietly.
  • Use drapes during daylight showings.
  • Place fresh flowers in various rooms.
Move The Critters
  • Bring Fido with you and ensure the dog hair has been cleaned.
  • Miss Kitty and her litter box should not be present.