10 Tips For Preparing To Sell

  • 1. Give your house a deep clean First impressions mean a lot. So don’t let foul smells, dirty floors or dusty surfaces make a bad one on a potential buyer. Before listing your home (and throughout the selling process), give your home a deep clean. This means cleaning toilets, wiping down surfaces, mopping floors, cleaning rugs and scrubbing bathrooms. Consider calling in the professionals for carpet cleaning or housekeeping to ensure that your place is in pristine condition.

  • 2. Declutter the home Decluttering and organizing your space will go a long way in appealing to potential buyers. When a home is clutter-free, buyers are able to focus on the actual home instead of on the junk, knick knacks and overflowing closets. Closest space is crucial to buyers so throw out or store off-site, those clothes you haven’t worn in years.

  • 3. Call a handyman When selling a house, you should have your handyman on speed dial. Make sure anything and everything that needs to be fixed (think: locks, hardware, leaky faucets, running toilets, cracks in the walls, broken appliances, squeaky doors, etc) has been taken care of before listing a home. Otherwise, buyers may think your home hasn’t been well taken care of, which can be a turn-off for many.

  • 4. Paint the walls If certain rooms within your home need re-painting - now’s the time to re-paint. Start by painting over those bright orange and green walls with neutral colors. Stick to whites, light grays, light beige or neutral wall colors. These shades will make your home appear bigger, brighter and more welcoming. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home will also help cover the wall’s imperfections and convey a blank slate to potential buyers. If you repaint, use removable photo hangers so as not to damage the freshly painted walls with nail holes.

  • 5. Stage your home According to multiple studies, staging a home really can help it sell faster and for more money. Fortunately, staging your home’s interior is easy and affordable. I can help in that regard.

  • 6. Outside Curb Appeal Don’t forget to also spruce up your home’s curb appeal when staging the home. After all, the outside of the home is the first thing potential buyers will see when they pull up for a showing. So make sure that the grass is cut, the yard is landscaped and the knick knacks are gone (think: gnomes and children’s toys). If your home is looking a bit rundown, you should also consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls. Buy a new door mat, and fresh greens and flowers at the front door always make any home more inviting.

  • 7. Ready Your Home for Photography Given that many potential buyers search for homes online, it’s crucial your REALTOR® plans on using high quality, professional photos in your online listing. You can count on me to only use the professionals since camera phone photographs don’t have a high enough resolution to sell your home online.

  • 8. Rent a storage unit Selling a home successfully will involve lots of decluttering and purging of your belongings. For this reason, I recommend you rent a self-storage unit nearby that will give you somewhere to temporarily place all of your extra stuff when staging and showing the home. Remember, stacking loads of plastic containers with your extra belongings will only signal storage issues to a potential buyer. Your home should look organized with loads of extra, open space for a new owner to store their things.

  • 9. Depersonalize your home When selling a home, you want to strike the perfect balance between depersonalization and creating a warm, welcoming home. This means putting away the majority of framed photos, bulletin boards and personal items (think: photo albums, magazines, toys, equipment, awards, etc) throughout the home. Leave a few nice, framed photos around the house to make the home appear inviting and lived in.

  • 10. Conceal the Critters You might think a cuddly dog would warm the hearts of potential buyers, but you’d be wrong. Not everybody is a dog- or cat-lover. Buyers don’t want to walk in your home and see a bowl full of dog food, smell the kitty litter box, or have tufts of pet hair stuck to their clothes. It will give buyers the impression that your house is not clean. If your home if being shown, take Fido with you, and send Miss Kitty to the neighbours along with her litter box.
If you are thinking about selling, drop me a line and I’ll send you FREE OF CHARGE, my more detailed TIPS FOR PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR QUICK SALE.